The sad part [a…

The sad part [about iTunes-style downloading] is, I guess, a lot of songs don’t grab you right off the bat. But they grow on you, and you don’t have a chance for that to happen if you’re only going to download the things with the big hooks. Sometimes, the quieter or the subtle song is the one that gives the counterbalance to the loud and brassy one that preceded it. There’s a balance. There are shadings of personality that this band is coming forward with. Life isn’t just about parties.

David “right about everything” Byrne, as quoted in Travis Elborough’s highly opinionated, pretty funny book The Vinyl Countdown: The Album from LP to iPod and Back Again (2009, Soft Skull Press). To see Byrne dance with a lamp (and you have no idea how much you need to), see this video.

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