So I’m Told That Chicago’s Cold…

I apologize for the lack of updates to this site recently. I was so submerged in thesis territory that I nearly put two spaces after that last period. I’m sitting in Chicago’s downtown loop right now, about to head off to the Cultural Studies Association meeting. I unfortunately wasn’t able to be here for my allotted presentation time, but I’ll see if I can swing something today. At any rate, it seems like a great conference with a lot of interesting people presenting research across the board of the humanities and social sciences.

I’m not sure if I’ve expounded on this yet, but I simply love Chicago and I’m quite happy to be back in the windy city. As a trinket of said love, here’s a great song by Braid, who weren’t technically from Chicago (they formed in Champaign) but I can’t help but think of whenever Chicagoland comes up in emoversation. Whenever I get time I’ll write something about emotion, affect, and the “midwest sound” (Braid, Empire State Games, any one of the Kinsellas’ 235 bands), but for now, enjoy this gem of late-90’s nostalgia. As Bob Nanna shouts, “Check it out.”

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