Entendiendo por qué Airbag Prefiere la Playa

I’m currently working on a large piece about Boston that will function as a preview or pre-cursor to a research paper I may be working on soon, but unfortunately that entry has been delayed. Instead, enjoy what could one day generate a paper in itself : power-pop from the Mediterranean.

Congratulations to Málaga’s Airbag on celebrating fifteen years as a band with a retrospective DVD and I would imagine a greatest hits album. In this video, watch/hear them distill the aesthetic of the Ramones’ “Rockaway Beach,” as well as the early Beach Boys, (i.e. iconographies of both US coasts) into a song about their own home on la Costa del Sol.

And what celebration of cars, girls, and fun-in-the-sun would be complete without a song about Russian Mafia invading their beautiful hometown? Bonus points for the Transformers cover.

Here is a live video of them playing it in Madrid in 2006, with a roomful of fans screaming along. So, who wants to buy me plane tickets to see them in Granada this weekend?

Tengo que huir. Más palabras pronto, os prometo.

Apologies to F.A.N.T.A. and many other Ramones-worshipping Spaniards I left out. Also, apologies to any of you who don’t understand the lyrics. At least the music is catchy enough regardless.

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