All Access: An Oral History of DC’s 9:30 Club

This is so cool. I’ve gone on record so many times about DC’s inextricable role (greater, I’d argue, than any other city) in underground music history. The 9:30 Club was always a key part of that. Even before I moved there, I’d heard stories about this club, and getting to see my first few shows there (Pennywise with Sick of It All and M.I.A. with Spank Rock, for the record) was an adolescent dream come true. My roommate at the time even got me backstage as his guitar tech that December (which is another story entirely). My own memories of the 9:30 Club are pretty deep and varied, and I’m not even a blip on this place’s radar. Here’s an oral history that CoS put together with most of the major icons and game-changers who helped make the club what it was.

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