Your Sonic Sunday Clips 01.19.20 (Vaporwave, Media Geography, Zombies, a Wurlizter Jukebox)

Happy Sunday! Here are a few items of interest to end your weekend and start off your week.

  • evolution__and_life_in_vaporwave_flavours._48475685782Vaporwave
    A widely enjoyed (for good reason) yet little documented (for various reasons) internet subculture gets an in-depth interview in ASAP Journal. Ross Coll (University of Cambridge) chats with Strawberry Illuminati. I learned a lot. I also learned that Grafton Tanner wrote a whole book on Vaporwave recently.
  • Media & Communication Geography Group Paper Awards
    I’m happy to share an announcement on behalf of my friend Emily Fekete, who was chair of the group when they sponsored my Q&A session with Ian MacKaye last year. They just opened submissions for the AAG 2020 paper awards for students (undergrad or grad), and all the details can be found on their wixsite. Deadline 3/1/20.
  • The Sanity Assassins
    Over the years, I’ve discovered my cousin’s old band The Sanity Assassins on a litany of cassette comps in Europe and split 7″s records scattered all over the US. They existed for much of the 80’s and 90’s in various incarnations, all based in the Hartford area, before retiring and reemerging as The Atomic Buddha sometime in the early 2000’s. Somebody has posted a compilation of their 90’s recordings on Bandcamp, and it’s available as a free download. Highly recommended for fans of Naked Raygun, D.O.A. and other thrash-infected punk.
  • Sonic Scope (New Student Journal)
    Via Kimi Kårki: We invite students to join our online community by submitting papers for peer-review (any length up to 12,000 words), video essays (up to 15 minutes) and practice-based research (in any form), but also to participate in interactive discussion spaces and blog debates. Each issue will begin with a Call and Response. Our first question has been proposed by Henry Jenkins and we invite students to respond in any form: text, drawing, animation, sound, video, performance, poetry, comic-strip, anything!
  • New Academic Pub: The Zombie Reader, Kieran Murphy (Ed.)
    This looks fun.
  • Wurlizter Jukebox for Sale! (Knoxville)
    That’s right – a true legend, the Wurlitzer 1050, with a refurbished amp, is on the market, in case any of you are having a good year wallet-wise and also live on a first floor or have an elevator! Also, if you have the means to transport the thing safely from downtown Knoxville, TN. I would absolutely jump on this if I could. Contact my friend Julie if you’re interested, and tell her I sent you: 608-432-JUKE.

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