Your Sonic Sunday 04.12.20: Wear a Mask

Happy Sunday, everyone. We’re almost halfway through April, and I just had a birthday a few days ago. Moving on: here’s some reading, watching, and/or listening material to commemorate (if that’s in any way appropriate) the fact that it’s been one month since everything stateside began to shutter in a big way.

  • My American-ostensibly-in-exile friend Jamey Essex is back at it again with more quality “Pedagogy in the Time of Coronavirus” content over on his website here.
  • You may not know this yet, but you need KinoNow, especially if your friends’ incredible indie theater was forced to close and they have a partnership with them.
  • Speaking of local institutions on Central Avenue in my former hometown, the Central Collective is running a virtual human claw Easter Egg hunt tonight. I have no idea about the practicality of this, but it looks like a worthwhile and curious effort.
  • ICYMI: I released my 2nd Sonic Geography Vinyl Megamix this past Wednesday, focusing on the music of Tennessee. If you’re nice, I’ll post Episode 3 this coming Wednesday!

Remember to get outside and experience the extended Clinic music video that is the great outdoors in the US of A.

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