Sonic Geography Ep. 3 (Rise, Florida, Rise)

0330201406_hdrPeople enjoy ragging on Florida (often, with good reasons), but I refuse to add fuel to that fire. Now, I’m not defending any of the developmental phenomena behind the state (I caught myself describing the Sunshine State as a “pile of gated communities, plus Lil Jon” in a chat with friends last night, which I know isn’t fair… Lil Jon is more into Vegas these days), but I love it regardless. As a child, I had the good fortune of basking in the dying embers of the golden age of Jewish Miami – I ate at the Rascal House, wandered around South Beach, and if my sister and I were good, our parents would haul us up to the Orlando region for a day with Mickey. Of course, there are so many non-tourism facets to Florida that deserve love and attention – the amazing flora and fauna, the crazy pre-Disney history (including a 1920’s land-grab that culminated with one major developer disappearing), and so much punk rock that’s equal parts scruffy, high-octane, and sentimental.

That latter point informs much of this week’s playlist, which I compiled from a pile of 7-inches and 10-inch records, with an LP reissue or two (plus an indispensable Florida Folklife compilation) mixed in for good measure. I hope you enjoy it and remember, as Radon once said, “there’s unlimited sunshine in a bottle of Tropicana.”

  1. Transmissions from Cape Canaveral (John Glenn’s first manned Space Flight)
  2. Merchandise (Tampa) – “I Locked the Door”
  3. Rational Anthem (Sarasota) – “Just Shrug”
  4. Against Me! (Gainesville) – “Sink, Florida, Sink” (7″ version)
  5. Emmett Murray (Pahokee) – “She’s a Fool, She Ain’t Got No Sense” (Drop on Down in Florida 2xLP!)
  6. This Bike is a Pipe Bomb (Pensacola) – “The Black Panther Song”
  7. Spoke (Gainesville) – “Descant”
  8. Discount (Vero Beach) – “Disappointed”
  9. Less Than Jake (Gainesville) – “Dopeman” (b-side to the “Johnny Quest” jukebox 45)
  10. King Friday (Miami) – “North Carolina” (original No Idea 7″)
  11. DieAlps! (Tampa) – “Invincible”
  12. Torche (Miami) – “Loose Men”
  13. Radon (Gainesville) – “Headaches and Bullshit”
  14. Sloane Peterson (Miami) – “Tired Eyes”
  15. LOAD (Miami) – “Pastor’s Day”
  16. Death (Orlando) – “Mutilation”
  17. As Friends Rust (Gainesville) – “Scapegoat Wets the Whistle”
  18. Pohgoh (Tampa) – “Kandy Koated Cisses”
  19. Hot Water Music (Gainesville) – “Moonpies for Misfits”
  20. The Tim Version (Tampa) – “1916”
  21. Little League (Tallahassee) – “Fuck Off and Write a Song about It”
  22. A New Found Glory (Coral Gables) – “My Friends Over You”

Despite owning this 7-inch, I didn’t play anything from it. Strange.


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