Your Sonic Sunday 04.19.20

Happy Sunday! I’m sorry not to get this posted until the later side, but I’ve been occupied with pet projects and haven’t been spending as much of my time on the internet (unless your understanding of “the internet” includes FaceTime-ing platforms). I’m grateful to report that my friends and family are generally doing well, and as I notified my students this past week, we’re over a month into lock down, and this next month is going to be slightly easier.

I don’t have too many highly relevant, thoughtful links this week, but I will gladly point you to the new Todd in the Shadows video essay on the (now-unfortunately named) Corona’s mid-90’s Italo-Dance jam “Rhythm of the Night.” I’ll also direct you to a profile that Billboard published on Todd Nathanson back in January which I completely missed, somehow.

Even further outside the subject of academia, prior to mid-March, I became involved on the tech side of a local theater production of “James and the Giant Peach.” Of all the things to look forward to on the opposite end of what this pandemic is putting us through, this is at the top of my list. For those of you anywhere near Central Michigan, I’ll keep you posted.


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