Study Abroad in Oslo and London (Summer 2017)

One of my first pieces of advice for anyone in college is, if the opportunity presents itself to study abroad, GO. Don’t even deliberate; just go. Travelling abroad freely is a rare opportunity that most people you meet (if you aren’t wealthy) may never have. To do it as part of a degree program, which may give you access to myriad places and experiences you’d never have otherwise, is an even rarer treat. Here is an opportunity to spend quality time in two major European cities and contribute to a vital program on immigration with Dr. Micheline van Riemsdijk. The last one was a big success, so if you’re looking for a summer program in geography or international relations, definitely contact Dr. van Riemsdijk. – Tyler

P.S. The hyperlink on Brixton is mine, but you could probably guess that.

Grensen Looking Toward Oslo Domkirke

Explore current and historical migration issues in Oslo and London, two global cities that house a large number of immigrants. We will spend extended time in both cities, studying their immigration histories and current migration issues through guided field trips and small field assignments. In Oslo, students will learn about the legacies of the Viking explorations and the more recent migrations of Somalis, Pakistanis, Poles, and Swedes into Oslo. In London, guided tours will explore migrant settlement in three historic neighborhoods: Brixton, Brick Lane, and Kilbury.

The course will be held online June 1-6, 2017, followed by a stay in Oslo and London from June 8 to July 2nd 2017. More information PDF here.

For more information, please  contact Dr. van Riemsdijk at vanriems [at] utk [dot] edu.