10: Rapa Nui / Easter Island




To be honest, the fact that we aired this topic two days after Easter Sunday was a complete coincidence. Our friend Molan, seen in this nifty photo she took last summer after journeying 17 hours to get to Rapa Nui, was doing a heady amount of research in remote sensing and spatial techniques on the island. Make no mistake: this is one of the most remote settled places on earth, right up there with Saint Helena and Tristan de Cunha (but they’re both in the Atlantic, so screw those places, right?)

molan_easterislandEaster Island is best known for its iconic mo’ai statues. But many people don’t know what their story is, really. Another thing people don’t know about Rapa Nui/Isla de Pascua is the wide swath of stone circles that have lasted hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Molan does, which is why she’s on this episode to talk about her experiences, and I’m going to shut up now.

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