11: Hawai’i



Hey, Casually Geographically-minded people, We hope that your weekend was casual and awesome. Ours was more of the latter than the former, we took a road trip up to Davis for the 66th Annual California Geographical Society Conference. What a good time! And of course we brought along our equipment and did a few interviews with approximately 1/115th of the Geographers in attendance, which was all we really had time or resources for. But make sure to tune in Tuesday morning! This also (kind of) excuses our tardiness in posting last week’s episode on the blog, as we will do starting… now:

This (last) week, we did an episode about the former Island Nation, now United State, Hawaii (which some may spell and pronounce Hawai’i, correctly I suppose). Our good friend Mystyn, a veteran of life on Hawaii’s big island (commonly known as…Hawaii) came on board and shared some of her memories, perspectives, and unique experience of life in and around the city of Hilo.

Per usual, we wove some Hawai’ian-centric tunes in, and we took a good look at US’s best state that’s also an archipelago (by far). We hope that you enjoy it! And while we went the entire episode without saying it, I will write it now, with our best wishes: Aloha.
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Produced by Tyler S. for TDC Productions
Theme Song: “The Face of the Earth” by The Dismemberment Plan
Other Music Included:
Belle & Sebastian – “Judy and the Dream of Horses”
Israel Kamakawiwoʻole – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
Cringer – “If I Had your Pen”
Israel Kamakawiwoʻole – Clip from Final Performance