14: Cbus-a-bus (Columbus)



Oh, hey! It’s been quite a summer, hasn’t it? Bret and Abel stuck around in SoCal and had various adventures of their own (to be recounted in a future episode), while Tyler spent a large chunk of the past couple months between Our Nation’s Capital as well as the the capital of the state which has been referred to often as a solid microcosm of our nation, Columbus, O-H? (I! O!)
There are many things about Columbus that many folks out on the coasts do not know. For one thing, it rules! It’s also relatively (or extremely, depending on where you’re at) cheap to live in. Funny how that happens when you don’t insist on planting your stakes next to an ocean. Anyway, let’s talk about our special co-hosts for this week’s episode.
Tyler is joined by Sumukh and Justin, a pair of C-Bus friends with a collective heart of gold. Individually, their hearts are part zinc alloy and actual heart material that makes it possible for them to live, but as a pair, they’re worth a billion dollars in pure, uncut Au. What I’m trying to say is, they’re funny and have a great podcast of their own called Comedifans! that Tyler had been a guest on a week prior to recording this episode. They were also joined by Travis Irvine, someone who has run for mayor of Bexley, US Congress, received his Masters’ in Journalism from Columbia University, and made a series of legendary appearances on Tyler’s previous radio show. Tune in to hear all about how C-Bus has shaped these dudes into the fine individuals you’re hearing today, as well as how Jay Leno’s camp pointedly screwed Travis over. (True Story)
Zach, hard at work. Or posing. (Megan Barnard Photo)
ALSO (“There’s More!?” – You), Tyler sits down with an enterprising young pedicab driver named Zach, who imparts wisdom from years of pulling Columbus’ drunkest and/or most enthusiastic tourists and/or OSU fans all over the roads of Short North, the Arena District, and anywhere else there’s a calling. If you’ve ever wondered what the life of a pedicab driver is like, wonder no more! Enjoy!

So, if you’re ever traipsing through the Midwest, don’t miss this town. Try some Jeni’s Ice Cream, have a few drinks at the Surly Girl, Bodega, or any other one of their dozens of great pubs, and scarf down a Late Night Slice before heading home. When you wake up, get to Skillet early to eat one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever have. And go Crew! And Jackets! And Clippers (AAA)! Rock n ‘ Roll.

Produced by Tyler S. for TDC Productions
Theme Song: “The Face of the Earth” by The Dismemberment Plan
Other Music Included:
Delay– “Stand Me”
Love Culture – “Soul on the Sea”

[Update: It’s 2016 and I still love Columbus like you wouldn’t believe. Sadly, the Surly Girl is no more, but fortunately Late Night Slice has expanded. It’s actually been a pretty pivotal four years for that city, and I’d love to redo this episode if I had any of the means. Justin has moved to Chicago and Sumukh has moved to Los Angeles, for two things. And I don’t think anyone, including Travis, knows where Travis is. – Tyler, August 2016]