16: Viva Mexico (Central)



Okay, explanation time. Lost somewhere in our genuine enthusiasm for finally doing an episode about Mexico (it took us 16 episodes to get here, so right there… pretty sad on our part) was the omnipresent reality that Mexico is a big enough country to inform an entire SEASON of podcasts like ours. Or an entire podcast series. Which would make sense, because there are several (like this, for example).

Fortunately, most of this episode concentrated on Mexico City and Cuernavaca, thanks to the experiences of our esteemed guests, Jessica and Michelle. Both of them have spent quality time down in Morelos State and el DF, respectively, and had plenty of great stories to share about it.

Hopefully, this episode becomes the first of several episodes on our neighbors al sur. We did touch a bunch of important bases, discussing cuisine, indigenous culture, and of course, the juggernaut influence of Mexico’s political scene. Jess was there for the election of the oh-so-beloved President-to-be, so prepare for some fascinating stories of election gladhanding/giftcard distribution.

Anyway, suggestions for new episodes about other regions of Mexico (each state could have its own episode, for real) are very welcome. For now, sit back and enjoy this excellent scratching of the surface, right here or on iTunes.

Produced by Tyler S. for TDC Productions
Theme Song: “The Face of the Earth” by The Dismemberment Plan
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Café Tacuba– “Cero y Uno”
Maná – “Me Vale”
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