17: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles



To all the haters who said we’d never be able to incorporate Steve Martin and John Candy into a cover graphic for a TCG episode, feast your eyes on this. We can’t hear your hating anymore over the sounds of champagne bottles popping at headquarters. Seriously, this is a big deal.

You know what else is a big deal? Voting “YES” on anything to approve greater transit infrastructure. Why? Because if you live in a city of any kind, take a few minutes to read about how it has developed. It didn’t happen on its own; it took buses, trains, airplanes, and all sorts of creative ways to shuffle those together into a dense urban fabric to make your beloved hometown the hometown that it is today.

What we’re trying to say it, Bret and Tyler have got some opinions to share with you on the matter, and maybe may convince a few of you to give a different form of transit a shot than your usual. Because that’s how you get to really know a city.

ALSO, we get a surprise appearance from our buddy Dennis (yes, the diving expert from Episode 2!), who gives us a quick preview of an episode we have coming up about My Refuge House, a locally based org that’s doing some incredible work.


Produced by Tyler S. for TDC Productions
Theme Song: “The Face of the Earth” by The Dismemberment Plan
Other Music Included:
Skankin’ Pickle – “I Missed the Bus”
Pete Rock – “Take the D Train”
The Monkees – “Last Train to Clarksville”