20: Human Trafficking



One of the greatest things about Geography is that many people in this community are working day in and day out to help us understand the world better and fight many of the injustices sweltering in what seems like every corner of the globe. As Tyler mentions at the top of this episode, we here at The Casual Geographer make light of a lot of things. Some issues, however, are so ingrained and tragic, that we need to step down off our goofy soapbox and onto a more serious one. One of those issues is Human Trafficking.

Cebu City, Epicenter of Human Trafficking

Like it or not, every country in the world is affected by sexual (and other types of) slavery, including our own. Some countries, like the Philippines, are so ridden with human trafficking that people around the globe are bonding together to ease the pain a little. Enter My Refuge House and our guest for this episode, Crystal Sprague.

Crystal, a veteran of international service work in the South Pacific, was appointed Executive Director of My Refuge House last year, in large part due to our good friend and My Refuge House volunteer (Diver) Dennis, who blesses us with his presence yet again at the beginning of this episode!

We learned a lot from Crystal about the ins and outs, the unfortunate cultural imprints, and ways in which groups like My Refuge House are fighting human trafficking halfway across the globe. As we mention toward the end of the episode, keep this organization in mind as the holiday charity-giving season approaches! And listen to this episode below, Listen right here!

Join us this Thursday for a special spooooky Halloween episode about the Geography of DEATH. (ooooOOOooooo)

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