03: Intersection Songs



Well, hello there, thanks for being here once again, and thanks for being you. But mostly, thanks for being here, with the full intent of listening to episode 3: Intersection Songs!

This week, we took a handful of great songs by some great artists that describe particular intersections and talk about their individual stories, and how those intersections have evolved since the songs were published. Sounds neat, huh?
Have a listen here, and it should be on iTunes very soon!

Songs in today’s show.
1. The Ramones – “53rd & 3rd” – City: NEW YORK – Street View
2. Tom Waits – “9th & Hennepin” (1985) – City: MINNEAPOLIS/TOM’S BRAIN – Street View
3. Good Riddance – “Queen & John” (1999) – City: TORONTO – Street View
4. The Afghan Whigs – “Fountain & Fairfax” (1993) – City: LOS ANGELES – Street View
5. The Dismemberment Plan – “13th & Euclid” (1993) – City: WASHINGTON DC – Street View

We hope you enjoy it! Once again, The Casual Geographer in socialmedialand:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and to our friends abroad, a great rest of the week. It’s almost December!

[Update: I still love this theme. I recently met someone in DC who once lived at the corner of 13th and Euclid NW- the third person I’ve met, including the person who wrote the song, that lived near there. None of them were thrilled about the song’s subject matter, but it’s still a good listen. A few months ago, on my first visit to LA since leaving, I paid another visit to Fountain and Fairfax. It’s still a fairly unremarkable intersection, but this time I saw two cars collide in it. I still haven’t made it to Toronto, for some reason, but when I do I’m sure I’ll take a selfie at Queen & Saint John. I still can’t get over the detailed reply I got from Russ Rankin when I emailed him asking about it, either. You can hear me read his story on this episode. – Tyler, July 2016]