09: Travel Tips




Hey, there. We know you’re probably thinking about going away this summer or during whatever pockets of it you can escape from amidst the drudgery of your day job or whatever it is that helps you contribute to society. I mean, who wouldn’t? Granted, with the economy the way it is now (as in, nobody has the kind of pocket change to get themselves overseas), many people are planning stuff closer to home and domestic.

No matter where you go, though, you have to remember to check for deals early and book early. And no matter who you are going to wherever you’re going, mistakes always happen. It’s amazing how many little variables we can overlook when trying to save money and trying to make the most out of our spring/summer trips.

That’s where Bret and Tyler come in. Two seasoned travelers with more bizarre stories from around the world than could be crammed into one 55-minute episode, they are here to share their own advice for how to best expect the unexpected while you’re globetrotting. Because they love you and don’t want to have to fly to a Costa Rican prison to come bail you out again.

Enjoy the episode, the intermittent tunes mixed in, and if you do travel soon, remember to pack a towel. They forgot that universal bit of wisdom from Hitchhiker’s Guide in this episode.

Produced by Tyler S. for TDC Productions
Theme Song: “The Face of the Earth” by The Dismemberment Plan
Other Music Included:
The Arcade Fire – “Neighborhoods #1 (Tunnels)”
Neutral Milk Hotel – “Holland, 1945”
Various works by Artie Shaw