Vinyl DJ

Wednesday, June 21 | Midland Farmer’s Market 10AM – 1PM
Friday, July 14 | Loggers Brewing Company (Saginaw) 6PM – 9PM
Saturday, July 22 | Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market 10AM – 1PM
Saturday, August 12 | Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market 10AM – 1PM
Sunday, August 13 | Loggers Brewing Company (Saginaw) 2PM – 5PM
Saturday, August 19 | For Art’s Sake Market for the Arts (Mt. Pleasant) 11AM – 2PM
Saturday, September 9 | Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market 10AM – 1PM
Saturday, October 14 | Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market 10AM – 1PM

In addition to researching and teaching sonic geographies, I also love music as much as I love sharing it. I would enjoy providing a soundtrack for your happy hour, party, reception, picnic, or other event anywhere in the Central Michigan region! I spin vinyl and can adapt my playlist to the needs and demographics of your event. I specialize in anything from punk, funk, and New Wave to jazz, soul, hip-hop, and blues.

I’ve been DJing bars and events for almost a decade, including The Pike in Long Beach (monthly residency, 2012-2013) and at several microbreweries and gastropubs in Knoxville (2015-2019). The latter included a recurring Indie/Shoegaze/Dream Pop night called “Shake Your Halo Down,” which we brought to Schultzbrau, Last Days of Autumn, and the Maple Hall Parlor, to great acclaim. I have also DJ’d private events like weddings, and would be happy to provide references (or playlists) upon request.

I have my own PA system (appropriate for smaller-scale events), but would be happy to work with your system in a bigger venue. I’m also flexible, especially over the summer, for shorter-notice events. Don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form below if you’d be interested in having a reliable and affordable Vinyl DJ. Thanks for visiting the page!