The Casual Geographer Archive

ituneslogoThe Casual Geographer was a radio show and podcast I produced while a grad student at California State University – Long Beach, from 2o11 to 2013. It began as an idea that came to fruition with my friends and colleagues in CSULB Geography, Bret Hartt and Abel Santana. The first six episodes were pre-recorded and released on iTunes as podcasts, and Episodes 7 and onward were aired live in the studio on KBeach Radio, with the exceptions of Episode 12 (I think) and 14. Our Fall 2012 time slot was Thursdays from 1-2 PM, and our Spring 2013 slot was Mondays from 3-4 PM. I produced and hosted all of the episodes, and vast majority of which were co-hosted by Bret. Abel co-hosted episodes 1-6 and appeared on episode 13. Our intro music was “The Face of the Earth” by The Dismemberment Plan (used with permission).

Episode titles were usually presented as “The Geography of…” whichever bolded word or term below. Guests are listed after titles below, and original air- or upload- dates are in parentheses. The Casual Geographer was a lot of fun to do, and I’d love to bring it back sometime. I will also attempt to get it back into the iTunes store if at all possible. Individual links to the episodes posted below.


  1. The Obligatory Scattershot Pilot  (10.26.11)
  2. Diving with Dennis with geographer Dennis Hernandez (11.7.11)
  3. Intersection Songs! (11.21.11)
  4. Motorcycle Ride with anthropologist Ryan Moritz (12.6.11)
  5. Catalina Island with geographers Rob Cisneros and Julia Urcis (12.24.11)
  6. Beer! with geographer David Schwartz and brewer Steph Schwartz-Smith (2.6.12)
  7. Peru with geographers Kat Rojas and Gina Sattui (2.28.12)
  8. Geographer (the band) and the Bay Area with Geographer (3.6.12)
  9. Travel Tips (4.3.12)
  10. Easter Island with geographer Molan Choi (4.10.12)
  11. Hawai’i with geographer Mystyn Mills (4.24.12)
  12. Live from CGS aka ‘Davis Rock City’ with various guests at the California Geographic Society Meeting in Davis, CA (5.3.12)
  13. Bikes, Bikes, Bikes! (5.7.12)
  14. C-Bus a Bus! (Columbus, OH) with comedians Justin Golak, Sumukh Torgalkar, and Travis Irvine (7.25.12)
  15. What We Did on Our Summer Vacation (9.6.12)
  16. Viva Mexico (Central) with geographer Jessica Reyes and Bret’s friend Michelle (9.13.12)
  17. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (9.20.12)
  18. Chicago! with geographer David Schwartz (9.27.12)
  19. SKA with historian Jacob “The Ska Kid” Ingram (10.11.12)
  20. Human Trafficking with Crystal Sprague and Dennis Hernandez of My Refuge House (10.18.12)
  21. Death! with mortician Laura Hardin (10.25.12)
  22. St. Petersburg aka Санкт-Петербург with geographer Emily Feliciano and urban planner Ted Van Houten via phone  (11.1.12)
  23. Florida! (11.8.12)
  24. Winter Sports (11.15.12)
  25. Seattle with geographer Teresa Anderson-Sharma (12.4.12)
  26. Bret’s Journey to Japan and Korea (2.11.13)
  27. LA’s Ethnic Enclaves (2.18.13)
  28. Hip-Hop, Ya Don’t Stop with geographer Fernando Bogarin (2.25.13)
  29. The American Civil War with geographer Andy Bradford (3.4.13)
  30. Cal State Puvungna (Native America) with various guests at the annual Puvungna Pow-Wow (3.11.13)
  31. Hill Valley, CA (Imagined Geographies of Back to the Future) with Teresa Anderson-Sharma (3.25.13)